The importance of adopting older dogs: my heartwarming experience

by 龙跃芳 on Dec 01, 2023

The importance of adopting older dogs: my heartwarming experience

As an animal lover and proud owner of several dogs, I cannot stress enough the importance of adopting older dogs. While it is easy to be captivated by the adorable puppies at the local shelter, older dogs deserve love and a home just as much as their younger counterparts.In this blog post, I will share my heartwarming experience of adopting an older dog and the countless benefits that come with it.


When I first walked into the animal shelter, I was immediately drawn to the playful and energetic puppies. But as I was about to leave, I caught a glimpse of a grey-muzzled dog sleeping in the corner of her kennel. I couldn't help but notice the sadness in her eyes and the way she looked up at me, as if pleading for someone to take her home.


I inquired about her and was told she was a 10-year-old Labrador Retriever who had been surrendered by her previous owners due to financial difficulties. Soon she will be euthanised. As I sat with her, she rested her head on my lap, and I knew she was the one I wanted to take home.It has been two years since I adopted her, and I can honestly say that it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Here are some of the reasons why adopting older dogs is so important:


1.Older dogs are often already trained

One of the biggest advantages of adopting an older dog is that they are often already trained. Most older dogs have already been housebroken and have learned basic obedience commands. This can save you a lot of time and effort compared to training a young puppy.

My dog, for instance, was already trained to walk on a leash and was well-behaved in the house. She knew basic commands like "sit," "stay," and "come," which made the transition to a new home much smoother.


2.Older dogs are often already socialized

Most older dogs have already been socialized with other dogs and humans, which means they are more likely to be well-behaved in social situations. This can make it easier to take your dog on walks or to the park without worrying about them being aggressive or frightened.

My dog is friendly with both humans and other dogs, which has made it easy for me to take her out in public. She is always excited to meet new people and loves getting attention from strangers.


3.Older dogs need homes too

One of the saddest things about animal shelters is that older dogs often get overlooked in favor of younger puppies. This can leave older dogs languishing in shelters for months or even years, waiting for someone to take them home.

By adopting an older dog, you are giving them a chance at a happy and comfortable life in a loving home. You are also helping to alleviate the burden on animal shelters and rescues, who often struggle to care for the large number of animals in their care.


4.Older dogs can teach you valuable life lessons

Adopting an older dog can be a wonderful opportunity to learn valuable life lessons. Older dogs often have a calm and patient disposition, and they can teach you about loyalty, resilience, and unconditional love.

My dog has taught me so much about patience and compassion. She has been through a lot in her life, but she never lost her loving and gentle spirit. Watching her thrive in her new home has been a reminder that it is never too late to start over and find happiness.


5.Adopting an older dog can be a cost-effective option

Adopting an older dog can be a cost-effective option compared to getting a young puppy. Older dogs often require less training and are less likely to chew on furniture or other household items. They may also have already had necessary vaccinations and be spayed or neutered, which can save you money on veterinary bills.

In my case, adopting an older dog meant that I didn't have to worry about the costs of training or puppy-proofing my home. My dog was already trained and well-behaved, which saved me both time and money.