A second chance at Life

by ChenZidong on Apr 25, 2023

A second chance at Life
Life sometimes has disappointing and painful moments that can leave us feeling helpless and hopeless. I used to feel like my life was a mess. My work has no meaning, and neither does my personal life. I felt alone and depressed and longed to find some way to change. But through one thing, I got a second chance at life. So here I want to tell my story.

One day I decided to visit a nearby animal shelter and I walked past a lot of kennels and saw a lot of stray dogs. I couldn't contain my excitement when I saw them. Some of them looked healthy, while others were skinny. Some of the puppies started screaming as I watched, and others stared at me silently. But there was a puppy that caught my attention. It was very thin, its hair was messy, and its eyes were full of fear and helplessness. When I approached it, it wagged its tail at me, hoping that I could touch it. I feel sorry for him because I know he has had enough of being a vagabond. So I decided to adopt her and give her a new home.

I didn't know the full extent of what she had been through until I took her to the vet for a checkup. Her body was covered in scars and scabs, evidence of severe neglect and abuse. Despite it all, he's tenacious, trying to survive, and craving attention and love. I named her Rosie.

Every morning when I wake up, Rosie is always lying at my feet, and their warm body brings me comfort and comfort. I like to play with Rosie at this time, touch his little head, and listen to his breathing and slight purring. Every night, after I go home, Rosie is always waiting for me at the door. When I opened the door, he always put on a cute pose to welcome me home. Rosie is very smart and knows how to make us feel happy and relaxed. When I was feeling worn out, he would jump on my lap and let me touch his little head for warmth and comfort. He always makes me feel relaxed and comfortable.

Rosie's gaze is full of love and gratitude. Rosie's presence makes my life better. Adopting Rosie was one of the best decisions I ever made. Rosie brought a lot of joy and love into my life and we saved each other. If you are going through something bad, I encourage you to adopt a pet from shelters and rescue agencies. There are many dogs like Rosie in shelters and rescues around the world, just waiting for someone to give them a chance. In the process, your soul will continue to be healed and you will be better off